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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Request for update on Apple Street

Subject: Apple Street work - detailed update requested
Date: Jan 7, 2009 9:25 PM

We are hoping that you can put us in contact with someone who can give us details on the work that has been done and seems to be ongoing on Apple Street. While it is obvious that there are significant infrastructure repairs occurring, the current conditions are dreadful (and were much worse). The street is significantly torn up and is now essentially a dirt road. The drainage is worse than before. There is obviously much more work to be done but we have no idea what the end results will be, how many stages we will have to go through until we get to the end result and what the ETA of "the end" of the project will be. There are also significant concerns that we will be stuck with a dirt road environment for a long time and that this horror will expand to other areas in the neighborhood. Any information that you can provide is much appreciated. We are scheduling (our next general) meeting and know that our neighbors will expect a detailed and accurate accounting of the "progress" on Apple Street. Our hope is that if we can explain what is happening that the current horror will feel a little more like progress we want this to be.

Thanks again,
Jenel Hazlett - NorthWest Carrollton

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