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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Letter from NorthWest Carrollton to Shelley Midura

This letter was sent to Shelley Midura

Thank you very much for your statements and your actions today in the City _Council Meeting.

We know you listened to every word we said.
We know you evaluated every angle and all possibilities.
We appreciate you diligence and thoroughness and evenhandedness (even though it has been nerve racking!)
We hope you realize that what we the neighborhoods truly want a
win-win situation.
We will wait to hear from you or from Walgreens as to how we should proceed.

As for the request from the Council President:

the neighborhoods will not budge on their insistence that the protection provided to the residential and historic neighborhoods by the overlay is upheld

I hope our alternate plan showed we are not anti-Walgreens or anti-development

Again your constituents Thank You very much,

Jenel Hazlett
NorthWest Carrollton

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