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Friday, July 21, 2006

2 Weeks

Yesterday Shelley Midura read a statement at City Council. This is an excerpt:

“The question is will Walgreens build to the corner in such a way that allows
a Grocery to be built next to it, or will it build to the corner in such a way
that excludes that possibility. So in the end the decision is Walgreens.

Having attended the City Council Session I can say that Shelley demonstrated a remarkable knowledge of the issue, one that has a History in the City, in terms of Neighborhood wishes and Development.

She has spent considerable time and effort along with her Staff to research and listen

We sincerely hope that the Team Walgreens will come to the table and we all can find the middle ground that we can live with, and celebrate.

We would like our corner to be the Urban Model for Walgreens, a store which serves the cars passing by and the residents who live there. Much as the downtown; Canal Street, Walgreens delights with it’s Huge Art deco sign.

We would like to see our corner be the icon for future development.

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