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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Training on How to Clean a Catch Basin being held throughout the city

See the link below for details and to sign up


Please join the Neighborhood Engagement Office for a catch-basin cleanup day. Volunteers and residents will work together to clear vegetation and debris from around catch basins in their respective neighborhoods. Meeting locations for each district are:
  • District C- October 7th (Eastbank- St. Roch Church; Westbank- Norman Playground)

  • District B- October 14th (Taylor Playground)

  • District E- October 21st (Lake Forest Charter School)

  • District D- October 28th (Beacon Light Church)

  • District A- October 28th (Brooks Shaw Church)

In November, after we learn how to do it, residents of NorthWest Carrollton are going to work to ensure that the front of the catch basins are clear.  Then we'll watch how they perform and call the ones that are problematic into 311.
And track them until they are fully functional.  

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