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Friday, August 11, 2017

Catch Basins and Leaf Blowers

Is it legal to use a leaf blower to blow leaf litter and grass cuttings into the street?
and if you don't believe me, below is the ordinance prohibiting this practice. 

Please remind your friends and neighbors who use yard maintenance contractors so that this practice does not occur.  And if you do it yourself, you should probably cut that out.
Sec. 66-287. - Sweeping from premises and sidewalks to be taken up.
The owner, his agent or occupant, of all premises shall be responsible to take up or cause to be taken up all aggregate sweeping of garbage, trash, litter, grass cuttings, leaves and all other waste materials from the premises, sidewalks and abutting property including the space between the property line and the curbline in front, extending 1½ feet from the curbline into the street or roadway and in the rear and alongside thereof of such premises owned or occupied so that such sweepings shall not under any circumstances reach the drains, gutters, streets or roadways. The owner, his agent, or occupant shall be responsible to have all sweepings placed into containers sufficient to prevent such sweeping from being scattered by the wind and placed out on the days designated for collection.
(Code 1956, § 28-19)

Sec. 66-287.1. - Use of leaf blowers to transfer or direct debris to public drains prohibited.
Leaf blower. A mechanical, battery-operated or gasoline-powered device which projects pressurized air forward to cause movement of leaves, grass or other debris commonly associated with grass cutting, lawn care, gardening or yard maintenance activities.
Public drain. Includes catch basins or gutters located parallel to public rights-of-way, open segments of city subsurface drainage conduits, flood control and water path canals or drains located on public property and incorporated into the public infrastructure for wastewater management or scipening.
Use of leaf blower to impede or restrict drainage or water flow prohibited. Use of leaf blower for private or commercial use in any manner which causes or results in the transfer, movement or directing of grass, leaves, yard debris, debris derived from yard maintenance, lawn care or any activities whereby debris is accumulated and projected to public drains or results in impeded water flow of public drains or restricts the public designated purpose of such drains is prohibited by law. Violators shall be subject to citation or administrative adjudication by duly authorized code enforcement officers or duly authorized law enforcement officers.

(M.C.S, Ord. No. 21912, § 1, 4-7-05)

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