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Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Orleans Crime Stats - something is going on.

See the story in
Nola Murder Stats Nola crime Stats
And then there is the Murder Rate Nola Murder Rate

"It's impossible to make judgments, he says, without studying them in great detail. Maybe, for instance, New Orleanians are peaceful generally, but when they decide to quarrel, they're in it for keeps - hence the eye-popping murder rate, but the low assault rate."

"Is it that they're really more lethal (in New Orleans), or that they don't report the aggravated assaults in the same way or to the same extent, which would mean a higher lethality rate?" Lin-Huff Corzine said.

And if this is supposed to make anyone feel better, it doesn't:
"a high proportion of murders that are better classified as assassinations."

For years NWCarrollton and other neighborhoods have asked NOPD if there is a gang problem and been told "There is no gang problem."
The article indicates: "...gangs in New Orleans are unique from those in other cities. Police say you won't find national affiliations here, like the Bloods or Crips. Instead, you'll find smaller, loosely organized neighborhood gangs with a fluid membership ."

Seems Now we're being told there is.... a gang problem.
Which is it?

As the article indicates "It's clear that something is going on."
Yes and we've been saying that for years too.

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