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Friday, November 16, 2012

How to track Blight in New Orleans

There is (finally) an "official" site that allows you to check the blight stats of any property and to see what properties have been reported for blight in any area.

The one option is option is to Browse the map for properties already in the city's system.  Unfortunately this can only be done by the month that the property was first reported.   Perhaps this is to prevent the map from being too cluttered?

The default option is to Enter a specific address,

It doesn't look like the site advises *when* hearings are held on the properties.  BUT if you are interested there is a calendar that shows upcoming hearings and

We've emailed these folks to ask if/when the BlightStatus Tool will also show when hearings are scheduled to be held and not just that they have been held and the judgement.

This site is a very large step into the 2st Century.

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