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Monday, February 13, 2012

Trees restore health of city

Times Picayune Opinion

A Thornton Wilder quote best speaks of the reason that we should all be aware of the value of planting trees in our neighborhoods and public places: The planting of trees is the least self centered of all that we do.

The regional efforts of beautification and civic organizations have really helped restore some of the damage done by Katrina. However, unless homeowners and others make efforts to plant trees in their own neighborhoods, the effort will fall short.

Trees benefit the environment, as we all know, but they also help increase property values, slow traffic on suburban streets, help reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce storm water run-off. It is truly a green effort, with no noticeable downside.

Those of us who are planting trees now are doing so for future generations and for the restored environmental health and beauty of the metropolitan region. Maybe more of you will join in the effort.
Mary Ann Terranova Joyner

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