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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Partner with the National Guard, bring back the FBI!!!

Here is a link to the Opinion in the TP on Monday

Yeah, Yeah and I agree something needs to give because it ain't getting better, it's getting worse.

And the National Guard should definitely be a part of the solution. BUT not a one time oh shit cry to the governor to "Help Us!". Instead a plan should be developed that would partner NOPD with the National Guard to use New Orleans as a training area for troops that are sent so often into civilian areas around the globe. We get more eyes on the street. The military\National Guard get civialian situational experience aka "street time" to help with the many times that they are deployed on humanitarian missions and policing becomes a part of the job. This becomes a win win; for NOPD, for the National Guard, for the citizens of New Orleans and for Louisiana. Are ya listening Mitch???

The other thing that NOPD needs to do is re-create, re-invent, re-enforce its relationship with the FBI's Drug & Weapons teams. When neighborhood organizations could call in tips to both the FBI and NOPD was when we made significant traction in the fight against drug dealers and the assocaited murders. Like it or not the truth is some folks just don't trust NOPD. But folks were willing to call into the FBI. This program may still be "in place" in the NOPD. But citizens aren't told they can call the FBI and this was when our neighborhood turned the corner on a pocket of drug dealers we had not been able to move. Bernazzani and the folks from the FBI made a difference.

This is not just an issue of "bad" people with "bad" manners killing each other. There is something under this driving the action. Fear and murder is being used as a weapon on our culture society and the question should be Who is benefiting?? Why simply isn't cutting it. The NOPD can't just keep blaming the victims. Yes it is true that no stone can be left unturned as NOPD works to solve murders and the victim's history is a part of this BUT there has to be more to it.

So if it takes a village fine. NOPD, FBI, National Guard...
Are ya listening, Mitch???  Cheif Serpas....

and while you are reading take a look at the New Orleans Independent Examiner.

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