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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Recovery School District Johnson & Priestley School MEEETING


The Recovery School District and Orleans Parish School Board held a public meeting July 9 to explain a proposal to amend the current School Facility Master Plan. The current plan calls for renovating the closed Priestley site on Leonidas and moving Johnson School onto that site with a cost estimate of $23 m. The more recent proposal for the Master Plan presented July 9 is to renovate the existing Johnson site for $16 m. ($2 m. has already been spent on this site.)

A group of Carrollton people have met informally on occasion to discuss the future of the closed Priestley site and the Johnson School. This morning the group met again and agreed to the attached petition. A School District E
meeting is scheduled for Monday night - July 18th, at 6:00 P.M,
at McMain School cafeteria, corner of Claiborne and Nashville.
This is a critical meeting for our neighborhood schools.

We are asking Carrollton United people to do two things:

* Please attend the meeting Monday evening July18th. They need to hear our voices and know how much the community cares about our children’s education, starting with a safe and visible site with accessibility.

* If you are asked to sign this petition, we hope you do so.
Carrollton Neighborhood, in an effort to improve the quality of education and neighborhood viability, is  proposing and supporting the move of Johnson Elementary  School from the Monroe Street site to the Leonidas St. Priestley site, The move will provide greater safety, visibility, and accessibility for the children and families of the greater Carrollton area. This move will maintain the historical significance of the community framework.

Thanks so much,
Jean Fischer (861-1807)

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