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Saturday, September 11, 2010

You Trash can tempt criminals, label your stuff

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks the Second District has been experiencing a series of home burglaries. In these burglaries the stolen items of choice have been large screen televisions (36"and over), laptop computers and other household appliances.

Commander Albert would like to take this opportunity to pass on a few suggestions that would aid in the retrieval of property and possible apprehension of suspects involved in these crimes.

First, it is very important that you retain the serial numbers for all of your household appliances including televisions and computers. It is also strongly recommended that you have your driver's license number etched onto all of your items in some fashion so that it can be readily noticed. This links the item directly to you.

Next, if you do not retain your sales receipt you should at least make certain you know from which store the item was purchased. This can be helpful due to the fact that most large retail stores will record the sale with your name, telephone number and all of the numbers associated with the item.

In addition, it is also a good idea to take photographs of all of your property. This will record any identifiable marks or item condition which can then be used as a tool to link the property to your household.

This information is important so that your property can be identified if it should end up in a pawn shop or is recovered in another investigation.

Finally, you should never advertise a new purchase by placing the box or carton it came in out for garbage pick up. This is as good as an invitation to thieves to break into your home and help themselves. If you have a large purchase being delivered, ask that the delivery persons remove the carton or box it was delivered in. For smaller purchases, which you carried out of the store, try to break the carton or box into smaller pieces then place them in dark garbage bags.

In closing, on behalf of Commander Albert, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm in our endeavor of making a Greater New Orleans.

Thank you,
Sergeant Robert W. Kirton, III
Community Outreach Coordinator
2nd District
4317 Magazine Street
NOLA 70115

Off. 658-6020


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