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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Slow Food's gain is New Orleans loss.

Slow Food's gain is New Orleans loss.

Richard McCarthy, who helped transform New Orleans Food Markets
and provide a bright spot in out Post Katrina recovery, is headed for the Big Apple.

"Katherine Deumling, Board Chair of Slow Food USA, said McCarthy was a perfect fit for Slow Food USA because of 'his deep understanding of both food producers and consumers and his proven success in creating more joy and justice in communities around the U.S.'"

This is also what made him a perfect fit for New Orleans Farmers Markets.

In his own words:
"If the market isn't there for everyone, if you have the inability to accept food stamps, good food is only available to people who can afford it," McCarthy said. "It was all about social justice."

What he has learned is that New Orleans is not part of what he calls nomadic America. "In New Orleans, we're last on every list," he said. "Oddly, we've got a lot to teach the rest of country."

Yep.... so far behind, we're ahead.

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