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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Orleans based study on Bike Lanes


Incorporating cycling into daily life is one way to increase physical activity.


This study examined the impact of building new bike lanes in New Orleans to determine whether more people were cycling on the street and with the flow of traffic after bike lanes were built.


Through direct observation of one intervention and two adjacent streets, observers counted cyclists riding on the street and sidewalk, with and against traffic, before and after installation of the lanes. Data were tallied separately for adults, children, males, females, and by race for each location.


There was an increase in cyclists on all three streets after the installation of the bike lanes, with the largest increase on the street with the new lane. Additionally, the proportion of riders cycling with traffic increased after the lanes were striped.


Bike lanes can have a positive impact in creating a healthy neighborhood.

"The large increase on S. Carrollton suggests that even in a city not widely known for a cycling culture, new bicycle lanes appeared effective in attracting new cyclists who were diverse in race, sex, and age. It is possible that large numbers of cyclists could act as role models, making cycling more normal and accepted."

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