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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dangerous Intersection - Redesigned
American Traffic Solutions, the company that operates the city’s red light and speed enforcement cameras, lists the five most dangerous intersections for red light running and listed the number of violations in each spot from April 2008 through September 2012:
  • S Carrollton Ave. @ Palmetto St - 30,488 violations
  • N Carrollton Ave. @ Canal St. - 17,836 violations
  • Canal St. @ S Carrollton Ave. - 17,827 violations
  • Poydras St. @ Loyola Ave. - 13,454 violations
  • S. Carrollton Ave @ Earhart Blvd. - 11,846 violations
CostCo traffic will be coming to this intersection in the summer of 2013 June.
The intersection needs all the help it can get as soon as it can get it.
And the city knows it.
There is just too much going on in the "4 block" stretch of lake bound Carrollton from Stroelitz to the I-10.
So how about some arrows to indicate how the traffic should flow onto I-10?
And how about a designated turning lane off of Carrollton onto Washington?
And what if the bus stop was moved to the green space on Washington instead right where folks are trying to shift lanes to enter 1-10?
And what if Xavier were, for public safety, to eliminate traffic to their Security Parking lot.

It wouldn't take much to improve things. Let's start with the arrows. 
Just a little paint? It can't cost that much? Seems the dollars from the traffic light could be used to put a little paint on the roadway.

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