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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carrollton & Broadmoor - neighboring neighborhoods rank high with home buyers

Article by Victor Andrews, published in Times Picayune January 20, 2013.

Victor Andrews is Special Section Staff writer at the Times Picayune and can be reached at

"This is a city where neighborhood is important.
Far into adulthood, people will talk about what section of the metropolis was their home turf when they were growing up.

Neighborhoods like Lower 9, Treme, Uptown, the Marigny, Old Metairie and Lakeview are all areas which have a claim to fame with some favorite son or daughter who played on the streets.
Carrollton & Broadmoor are no different.
These two centrally located neighborhoods have their share of generations of youngsters who grew up playing on the sidewalks.
And as is the case with many New Orleans neighborhoods, the kids like to come home.
As popular places to live, Broadmoor and Carrollton rank high on the list of in-demand places for home buyers, with a raft full of reasons why it is the place to be.

Property professionals familiar with the area are quick to point out that the demand for homes is high in the area, meaning there are limited numbers of property from which buyers can choose.
But from that selection, Carrollton & Broadmoor offer a wide assortment of options for those who wish to purchase a home.
"It's a big mix of prince ranges." said Letty Rosenfeld of LATTER & BLUM Inc./Realtors. "The houses are charming, some have a lot of nice architectural details."
Character abounds in the area in style and size of homes, with many boasting larger lots that other sections of Uptown that might be closer to the river wouldn't have.
The diverse sizes of the homes are one aspect of the price range. Home also range from those that have been recently renovated to au courant standards and those that are ready for a contemporary touch to bring them up to date.
This helps buyers find a wide array of prices.
"There are quite a few homes available in both area, and the range is expansive," said Todd A. Taylor of RE/MAX Real Estate Partners, "ranging from total rehab projects to the higher end six or seven figure homes The area enjoys  a lot of property on each end of the buyers spectrum."

The spectrum of homes and price ranges is attracting many different types of buyers, including those who may have grow up in the area or those who always wished to live there.
Some real estate professionals are noting a buying trend among certain buyers.
"I think there is a younger crowd - 40s and under." said Elijah Feibelman of COLDWELL BANKER TEC Realtors. "Typically they are just starting out or they have a couple of kids."
These young professionals looking in the area were noted by several Realtor familiar with the region.
A couple of reasons attracting them include the proximity of the area to most other areas of the city. Via Claiborne, Carrollton or Napoleon Avenues and the nearby I-10, there is ready access to most other parts of the metropolis.  Access within the area is another drawing point.
Particularly in the Carrollton Area, the walkability factor has become a huge draw. Restaurants, retail boutique, service providers, entertainment venues, parks, recreation spaces and financial institutions are all steps from residential areas making them accessible on short notice. And these areas are also making a name for themselves as a spot for arts festivals and markets.
The areas also have a variety of schools both public and private adding to the appeal of parents.
And when walking isn't in the plan, there are several methods of mass transit that connect the area to downtown, Jefferson Parish and even the historic streetcar line.

One of the recurring themes most of the Realtors noted is the value of much of the home stock.
Many of the real estate professionals said a buyer's dollar will often stretch somewhat further than in other areas of Uptown.
And many of the architectural elements that attract home buyers to the homes of Uptown can be found in Carrollton and Broadmoor. Stellar woodwork, expansive spaces, wood floors, pocket doors and inviting porches all play a prominent role in the look of the area."

Bold emphasis added .... because this is especially true for NorthWest Carrollton!


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