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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Urban Trees as Crime Stoppers

NorthWest Carrollton has worked with Hike for KaTREEna to plant trees in our small neighborhood. I've been asked of all the things that the neighborhood could focus on: "Why trees?" 

And I've answered because trees fight crime.  And I know it sounds silly.
"But a new study ( by the University of Vermont’s Transportation Research Center, in Burlington, found that a 10 percent increase in trees in a given area led to a 12 percent decrease in crime."

As the article in December 2012 - Natural Awakings says:
"The working hypothesis is that because people enjoy spending time in pleasant outdoor spaces, there are more observers present to hinder criminal activity. Also, a well-maintained landscape seems to send a message that someone may be watching.

and lest you think that this only works for neighborhoods that are already "well maintained and landscaped"
"To avoid culture bias, the study considered many socioeconomic factors, including housing, age, income and race of residents, as well as variables such as rural versus city setting and population density. The findings should prove helpful to urban planners."

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