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Saturday, December 15, 2012

8222 Apple .... still a problem with a case number CEHB-12-0604

We are reporting 8222 Apple .... number CEHB-12-0604
We know that a notice was sent on 10/25/2012.

But we wanted you all to be aware of the current status

The photos in this link were taken on a lovely sunny day this past June 2012.

The photos below were taken on a slightly foggy morning this December 2012.
While the house has had the grass in the front cut, it is still open to the elements: side windows, back door, and the roof.  Additionally there is a water leak under the house.
The photos should speak for themselves. PLEASE send an inspector out the house and move the house through the blight process again.  It is dangerous.
8222 Apple - water leak under house
IMAG2350IMAG2348 IMAG2349

We're waiting for the hearing date to be set:
8222 Apple

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