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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Followup

Starting in August and continuing to get worse through Novemeber...
there has been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood, smash and grab, mostly through back or side windows some toolsheds & garages.  It seemed our little neighborhood had become a target. There were also a number of auto burglaries, one robbery with a rifle.    Representatives from NorthWest Carrollton attended the Night Out against Crime in Palmer Park in October.  We arranged to have a Neighborhood Watch Meeting in November. We attended the 2nd District's NONPACC meeting and signed up to track all reported crime in a .5 mile radius centered on Incarnate Word School.  The break-ins continued.

We created flyers to let people know that there would be a Neighborhood Watch Meeting November 27th and we walked the neighborhood talking to people as we put flyers on every house in the 5 x 7 block area that is NorthWest Carrollton.

On Tuesday November 27th NorthWest Carrollton held a well attended Neighborhood Watch Meeting.  More than 40 people were there.

Our NOPD Quality of Life Officer Eddington spoke about the importance of reporting anything or anybody that "raises the hairs on the back of your neck". Most of us have had the feeling that something isn't right but out of respect for the other person's privacy or individual rights might not call this in.  Officer Eddington said, don't hestitate. Call it in and let NOPD work it out. If it is nothing, it's nothing.
But while the breakins and other activities in the area seems to have slowed down we have still had - just last night - a breakin in the 8400 Block of Apricot.  There has been only one other break-in, on Joliet November 29th, since the meeting. And one Auto Theft

If you were at the meeting you know that you should be on the lookout for a white 4 door car with distinctive "Mercedes Benz" or "Peace Sign" shaped rims. If you see this car in the neighborhood please call 911 immediately and say that NOPD indicated that any sightings of this kind of car in the neighborhood should be immediately called in.

White Car peace sign hubcaps - suspect in NWC Breakins

We have signed up to be sent email notices whenever there is a report filed with NOPD.
We will ONLY be posting those cases that happen inside of NorthWest Carrollton's Boundaries.
You can sign up to get these notices sent to your personal email by using the Link below:

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