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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heal the Wounds avoid Permanent Scars

Quotes from a comment from an article on The Lens

"Blighted property are open wounds, but a razed lot is a permanent scar."

"Each razed house is a lost opportunity."

Jose Fernandes says:
April 20, 2011 at 12:06 pm
"I moved back to New Orleans in December 2010 after 5 years living in Europe. I stayed for the storm and left 4 days later. I’m buying a house in bad shape to renovate, but Im buying it cheap. I want to buy more houses for rentals. Katrina was the biggest disaster we’ve had in New Orleans and it will take many years to heal. Blighted property are open wounds, but a razed lot is a permanent scar. The city’s blight czar’s first obligation should have been to connect and facilitate the communication between State and Federal programs for rehabilitation, the owners of blighted property, people like me that are returning and the providers of rehab services such as construction, architectural and lending institutions that are geared towards this particular market. It should grab the opportunity of the channelling of millions of dollars of rehab into the city which would promote jobs in the area and spiral up the redevelopment of the area. Many people like me are returning to buy and renovate. The city needs more time to allow people to return. Each razed house is a lost opportunity. We have an unique character and we need to fight to preserve it. It is the basis for our strength.
My heart hurts."

Mr. Fernandez we understand.... come take a look at NorthWest Carrollton.... we'd love to have you in our neighborhood.

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