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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Facts... too many people don't worry about the facts

Read the article from TP on the demolition of houses used in TREME promo

Then read all the trash talking, non fact based, nonsense written on And remember why you stopped reading the comments. It seems that the folks who post comments are the folks with uneducated opinions... nee prejudices.

But David Simon gets it and he gets us when he says:
"they (are) genuinely reflective of the local architecture
that is so threatened by such widespread damage and disrepair"

"For years now, one of the fascinating thing for me is how progress in a city as vibrant and as essential as New Orleans always comes so slowly, or not at all. Why is it that consortiums and consensus-building and cooperation are all so elusive? Well, after being tossed between the mayor, preservations, reporters and the generalized and absurd resentments and suspicions of many ordinary New Orleanians yesterday, I am beginning to see more of the light."

Yes Mr. Simon and it might be a train but those of us who love New Orleans have to stand and fight. We have to use the facts, like you did in you comments, to fight the good fight and hope for processes that support the long term vision of a city that honors its past and builds (or rebuilds) its future. Uneducated, intentionally ignorant idiots aside. Believe it or not some things are better but the good fight is still ahead of us. So many New Orleanians are proud to have you among us.

And remember the truth will set you free.

Click here and scroll down to read Mr. Simon's Comment in full.

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