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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fair... it's what everyone wants: Fair and Consistent

Stupid parking rules only enforced in select locations or at select times of year are a problem all over the city, not just around the Fairgrounds. Fair consistent parking enforcement for all, that's what we deserve. If you live around the Fairgrounds and you know that there will be parking craziness and you know one of the ways the city tries to help *you* is with a residential permit. Just get one and work to make sure that the process to allow you to apply and renew is efficient. At least you have parking enforcement. Our curbs and sidewalks are being slowly demolished by illegal parking and parking enforcement is more like a Christmas present than normal city services.

Selective enforcement of parking restrictions isn't fair: A letter to the editor
Published: Friday, April 15, 2011, 5:06 AM

Jazz Fest is right around the corner. Parking is going to be hectic for residents. Why is residential street parking in the area surrounding the Jazz Fest only enforced during the festival weekends?

No one in City Hall follows up on whether residents are purchasing the required permits to allow for street parking. I know this for a fact. Yet the ticket writers are out in force for the two weekends of Jazz Fest writing tickets.

This is unfair ticketing, and if residents are not supporting the program by purchasing the required yearly permits, then the signs should be removed, and the two-hour parking limits should be eliminated.

Garmanne Mack
New Orleans

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