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Friday, September 18, 2009

S&W Problems reported in 8400 Block of Apricot

This leak has been festering for months.
8401 Apricot
It is in front of a lovely restored shotgun double and across the street from one of the houses that recently sold in NorthWest Carrollton.

This HOLE has been on the corner of Apricot & Cambronne for almost a year. The first time S&W addressed the problem they literally dropped one of their marker barrels into the hole; it disappeared because the hole was so deep. Now the problem is covered with boards and has a marker barrel. But it is still not fixed.
8404 Apricot @ Cambronne
8404 Apricot @ Cambronne
See the old barrel rim in the bottom of the hole.
8404 Apricot @ Cambronne

Many grade school children walk past this dangerous hole everyday on their way to Lafayette School on Carrollton Ave. The problem NEEDS permanent repair.

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