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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crime fighting via Text Message

There is a new Carrollton Area Network Crime Collaborative.

One of the tools being recommended by the Collaborative is NOLA SMS Crime Alert Network

This history of the development of this tool and more can be found on the website above.
"One night soon after the tragic murder of Wendy Byrnes in the French Quarter, a friend of Wendy's was mugged in the Marigny. Concerned friends sent out text messages to others warning them of the specific area to avoid and to be careful in general - and urging everyone to pass the message along. Ten copies of the same text message and three phone calls later, the idea to set up an SMS Crime Alert Network was born, with the intention of warning as many people as possible of recent and/or in-progress crimes without inundating anyone with multiple copies of the same message."

Anyone who is interested has the ability to send or receive text messages associated with crime in the Carrollton Area. These reports are from regular folks like you. This is the stuff that can slip through the 911 cracks.

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