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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Orleans Crime Watch - Thank you Brian

See Brian Denzer's latest Email on New Orleans Crime Watch

Really an ordinance is required so that the city will make contracts available as public records?
What a shame that this true.

And straight from Brian's Crime Watch Letter
"Cerasoli Rex
Fare well Robert Cerasoli, but this is not good bye:
Sure, there’s more work to do. We wouldn’t have you do it all by yourself. We have to take responsibility for our own destiny. What we needed, you gave us — an example to lead us, a path to follow, a goal to achieve.
We won’t forget you, because we expect you to beat your health problems, and to return as an honored New Orleanian.
After his health improves, which krewe will be the first to crown Robert Cerasoli for his dedication to getting the inspector general’s office set up?"

Here, here! Which Krewe indeed. Bob deserves it!

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