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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


From: NorthWest Carrollton <>
To: Shelley Midura <>, "Katherine V. Shepherd" <>


Date: Mar 3, 2009 10:01 PM

Council Member Midura
NorthWest Carrollton Civic Association is OPPOSED
to granting this significant zoning change in the RD-2 zoning in the neighborhood.

ZONING DOCKET 5-09 - Request by JOHN A. SMITH for a Zoning Change from an RD-2 Two-Family Residential District to a B-1 Neighborhood Business District, on Square 377, Lot M, in the Seventh Municipal District, bounded by Cambronne, Apple, Belfast and Joliet Streets. The municipal address is 2620 CAMBRONNE STREET. (ZBM B-13
The property at this single municipal address is near the center the RD-2 neighborhood, only 31 feet by 110 feet, far too small for 3 metered addresses. Additionally, as the pictures above show, there is no capacity for anything other than on street parking.
We do not understand nor do we support converting a single house in this block to B-1 Zoning.  While we understand that commercial zoning is a part of the perimeter of our neighborhood, we have worked with the Master Planning Process and Goody-Clancy and Camiros and have repeatedly outlined our desire to retain the RD-2 character of the neighborhood which is a part of Historic Carrollton on the National Historic Register.
We are pleased that Mr. Smith's family is living in the neighborhood.  We look forward to the day when every historic house is occupied with friends and family. This is appropriate residential use and consistent with the existing zoning.  But we are strongly opposed to this kind of unnecessary spot zoning change.

Jenel Hazlett - President NorthWest Carrollton
Karen Gadbois - Vice President
Scott Andrews - Secretary
Margaret Reinhard - Treasurer
Debi Theobald - Crime Liasion

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