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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The sidewalk is NOT your driveway

We've asked the NOPD Quality of Life Officer
to please knock on the door of 2643 Dante
and have a chat with the folks about what sidewalks are for
and what STREETS are for.

It seems they would park on their front porch if they could.
And they have not responded to the flyers that have been placed on their windshields advising them of the actual parking rules... well they did for a little while but they seem to have forgotten.

When you park on the infrastructure (sidewalks, S&W) it BREAKS!!!!

Oh and people walking - you know the ones the sidewalks were intended for??? have to walk around. ... Not cool. 
See the op ed from the TP below.
Dante corner Belfast

New orleans sidewalks are difficult to navigate: A letter to the editor
Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012
My wife and I recently returned from our first visit to New Orleans, an absolutely wonderful city with a glaring flaw: the condition of the sidewalks in the older parts of town, particularly the Garden District.
My wife uses a wheelchair, which makes it extremely difficult to get around when the sidewalks resemble tank traps. We tried to avoid some of the really bad spots by detouring to the streets, but they weren't much better.
I hope that New Orleans finds a way to repair its sidewalks -- and install wheelchair ramps at all street corners-- before we make our second visit. Perhaps a fee on property owners would provide the revenue. That's a system Sacramento has used to repair sidewalks in its older neighborhoods.
Steve Lawrence
Sacramento, Calif.



Anonymous said...

The only reason I parked my car their was because of the huge amounts of flooding that occur. That whole week I was unable to enter my car without sloshing through mud and trash that floats into my yard. I would appreciate it if you removed my license plate from the pictures you posted. FYI I was never given any flyers and you cost me 50 dollars. Im a reasonable human being and wouldve happily moved my vehicle if my neighbors boat didnt take up 5 feet of my yard. Why dont you call the city on his boat that sits about 4 feet onto the street and 5 into my yard.

Anonymous said...

The Quality of Life Officer has been trying to get the boat moved. Public Works (Parking) has also bee contacted. S&W took a very long time to repair a leak in this same location. It was there so long there were tadpoles.

The only person responsible for your $50 fine is the person who parked the car on the sidewalk.
Flyer regarding the parking rules which anyone with a drivers license should be aware of were placed on the jeep. There were 2 jeeps so perhahps you and the driver of the other jeep do not speak.

Live and let live is a reasonable motto most of the time. BUT sidewalks are for people.
And it is painfully difficult to get S&W repairs completely when the infrastructure is damaged.

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