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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catch Basin Cleaning - Do what you can

On Monday Feb 6, 2012 Times Picayune in its Op Ed asked "New Orleanians to lend a hand and clean out the curb-level drainage grates on their streets."   And we should all listen to this request.  If you are physically able to use a shovel do what you can to ensure that the area around the catch basin and immediately in front of it is clear of debris.   When the catch basins are blocked our streets are more likely to flood.
BUT it is important that you do not try to lift or remove the large metal drain covers. It is the Department of Public Works responsibility to cleanout the inside of the drains.  As the Op Ed says:
"The city had planned to clean out 6,000 catch basins by the end of 2011, but in the first nine months of the year, they had not even cleared half that number."  So there we could have problems. IF you notice a drain in the neighborhood that is backing up please leave a comment on the blog or send an email to  We will help inform the city and try to get one of the city's vacuum trucks into the area..
"Officials plan to ask several times a year -- February, June and November -- times when the combination of heavy rainfall and debris like leaves can cause problems." 

While the weather is still nice... take some time to do what you can to ensure water doesn't backup in our streets.

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