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Monday, May 11, 2009

Reporting Sewerage & Water Board Problems

Please use S&W Board's online form to report problems. Using the Online tool is just one way that we can work S&W Board.

We met with S&W last week to discuss Apple & Fig Street Repairs. We also discussed the other smaller S&W issues we have in our area.

Critical issues with sewerage and maintaining sufficient water pressure to fight fires will always take precedent over other issues.

Also please realize that S&W repairs take time because, even once they isolate the problem and think that they have repaired it, sometimes the repair process creates a problem on other areas of nearby pipe. It should not take months to repair 2 blocks, but some time needs to elapse between the repair and paving to ensure the repairs are complete. If a repair is complete and the street paved and it is still leaking (it happens), please report it again via the online tool and send eMail to When repairs are complete S&W is responsible for returning the street/sidewalk back to the condition they found it in. So we will have to continue to work with City of New Orleans Department of Public Works and our City Council Representative on street and sidewalk repairs.

We have an old system BUT the salt water from PostKatrina flooding also significantly damaged the infrastructure.

So REPORT problems.
If you aren't getting action or have concerns about the quality or safety of the work please contact us at
But be patient too.

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