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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Orleans 8 years later... still has potential

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"New Orleans area median household income dropped 8 percent from 1999 to 2011, to $44,404. But the United States as a whole fared worse, dropping 11 percent. The national median income was $50,502, still higher than New Orleans but with a narrowing gap."

Entrepreneurship rates in the New Orleans area sustained a growth pattern that started after Katrina and before the recession, beating national results and the model cities, with 501 of every 100,000 adults starting businesses in the three-year period ending with 2012."

"Although the minority population dropped after Katrina, the share of all businesses with minority owners rose, reaching 27 percent, which topped the national 21 percent, but receipts to minority-owned businesses were stagnant, indicating small enterprises that might be struggling to grow, Plyer said."

 "It's also unusual, she said, for longtime fading cities to achieve such a turnaround.

"Katrina caused a break in the status quo," she said, with a flurry of public policy reforms and economic development opportunities."
New Orleanians have an odd and wonderful way of finding the silver lining.

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