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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Parking Problem - Part 1 - Sidewalks and Greenspace

Please see the photos of consistent illegal and destructive parking that blocks the sidewalk and/or tears up the greenspace between the sidewalk and the street.

8100 Block of Pritchard Place, just off Carrollton
God does not want you to park here

8300 Block of Pritchard Place @ Cambronne
IMAG0559 IMAG0582 IMAG0560

8400 Block of Pritchard Place & Joliet
IMAG2297 IMAG0568

Apple @ Joliet
Another corner where vehicles are consistently parked on the sidewalk

We're assuming these are the rules.

Apple @ Dante
Apple @ Dante 2

900 Block of Joliet

Leonidas @ Belfast
IMAG0588 IMAG0589
Look carefully in the shadow of the house.
Truck on Leonidas@Belfast
This truck parked here so often it is on the Assessor's Map Image.

Leonidas between Fig & Pritchard
Van on Leonidas
Van parks here so often it is on the Assessor's Map.

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