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Sunday, April 28, 2013

outreach requests for Jean Lafitte NHP&P BioBlitz & summer interns -- volunteers, housing ...

Dear Colleague,
My Jean Lafitte NHP&P colleagues and I seek your assistance with BioBlitz event volunteer recruitment and with helping our summer interns to find inexpensive local housing.  Please forward/distribute this message to your students and colleagues.
+ We need volunteers to help us carry out the BioBlitz at the Barataria Preserve.  Volunteer roles range from assisting with educational activities to processing biodiversity samples to assisting experts with biodiversity inventories to registering participants and event maintenance work.  To learn more about specific volunteer opportunities, explore the volunteer registration website.  You can make a difference!
+ We seek housing for interns who will work with Jean Lafitte NHP&P's natural resource management group this summer.  If you know of inexpensive housing in the New Orleans metropolitan area, or if you wish to rent a room in your home or sublet your place, please contact me and/or Dusty Pate.  We seek to direct interns to housing beginning between May 4th (!) and early June and extending for up to 16 and 10 weeks, respectively.
+ We still welcome BioBlitz participation by natural history experts and scientists.  It's not too late to register (ignore the opposing statement on the NGS website).  We seek leaders and co-leaders for public inventories, experts who prefer to identify taxa from field-collected samples, and experts who wish to assist with planned educational activities.  See the scientist information page or go directly to the expert registration site.
+ Finally, we welcome your participation in BioBlitz biodiversity inventory and festival activities on Friday 17 May and Saturday 18 May!  Join us with your family, friends and neighbors at the Barataria Preserve for an exciting two days of biodiversity discovery and appreciation.  Learn more about the event at our website and/or register now (go to bottom of web page) to participate in a specific inventory.
Thanks for distributing this to your students and colleagues.
with best wishes,
Julie L. Whitbeck, Ph.D.
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
419 Decatur St.

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