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Sunday, June 10, 2012

8424-26 Apple ... Again...

Back in 2009, we tracked down the owner of this property and notified him that we were reporting it to the city.  The city reviewed the property and found the owner guilty of blight.

After boarding up the property the owner has allowed the building to sit and has done nothing to maintain it. Looking at the Assessor's website reveals that the City seems to have some ownership and responsibility for the property now
How said that after the neighborhood tracks down the owner and follows protocal in trying to address blight that city fails to follow through and the property is allowed to be stripped and open to the elements so that it is s now in worse shape than it was in 2009.  Notification has been sent to the city regarding the state of the property.

Below are photos taken on June 9, 2012
8424-26 Apple 8424-26 Apple

8424-26 Apple 8424-26 Apple

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