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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rant by Rightandwrong May 26, 2012 at 4:31AM

Day 3 of the war against Newhouse to Save the Picayune.
Please read the comment below originally posted on  It is deserving of it's own "page".

Rightandwrong May 26, 2012 at 4:31AM
Dear NOLA Media Group/

... From a native New Orleanian, life long hard copy paper subscriber, and avid online reader:

1) For a digitally focused company, you have botched your first new product, the new web site/home page/portal beyond belief. Stop offering your critics navigation advice, your problems are much deeper than that. No one in the area likes it, it is dead on arrival. The old web site, even with its problems, was a thousand times better than this new offering.

2) Your new President/Publisher is finished. He just doesn't know it yet. a) He got scooped by two other products, both DIGITAL. One out of town (the New York Times!?!), and the other local (Gambit!?!). So much for timeliness. b) He botched the announcement. Really, you guys couldn't have done a better job than that? c) He completely mishandled the employees, and some management, and it was widely reported. New Orleans does not easily forget things like this. d) He ticked off Anne Milling. Yes, she is only one person, but a very smart person who also has a darn good feel for the city. For the moment, she is more upset with you than with FEMA or the Corps of Engineers. Think about that.

3) Yes, you guys are more reviled, at least for the moment, than either the Corps of Engineers or FEMA, and not just by locals. Have you paid attention to the reaction across the nation? Your corporate owners are fast becoming pariahs in the industry. Try putting that on your resume.

4) You have humiliated us. The largest city in the country without a daily newspaper? People begging the Baton Rouge Advocate (the Advocate!?!) to enter your market, our City, to give us the news? New Orleanians begging Tom Benson (!!!) to buy the paper? How outrageously ironic!

5) You have, or shortly will have, divided us into the digitally capable, and those who are not. More than just the haves, and have nots, you have seriously upset our senior citizens. You probably don't care, but often a community or society is judged by how it treats its older members. Try explaining to them what it is that you are about to do.

6) You should be ashamed. For all of the above.

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