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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tulane Stadium .... Larger than the New Orleans Arena

This is not in NorthWest Carrollton BUT it could very well influence traffic in the area. Take a listen to the story on Fox8 

And if you are so inclined Sign the Petition opposing it.

Below is why the petition creators are concerned. Bold emphasis mine.
"Building a 30,000-seat stadium in the heart of a vibrant, historic residential neighborhood will have a significant adverse impact on the lives of homeowners and families throughout the Uptown community.
First, the stadium is too big for the proposed space. Tulane has built several buildings where the old stadium used to stand, making it necessary to locate the new stadium less than 40 feet from the back door of neighboring homes. It would literally cast a huge shadow on the surrounding neighborhoods and forever change the residential Uptown community.
Second, it will cause major disruptions throughout the year. Tulane promotes that it will keep the proposed stadium very busy with a wide variety of high-traffic events, ranging from college and High School football games to concerts and graduations. The traffic for these events will create a “box” around the area, making it nearly impossible to get in or out of our neighborhoods throughout the year. Garbage and food delivery trucks, buses and other activity before and after stadium events would add to the traffic and noise.
For context, the stadium would seat 30,000. That's 12,000 more fans than the New Orleans Arena, with none of the supporting parking, transportation infrastructure or retail amenities. It's worth noting that, even with ample surrounding parking, the Arena has traffic issues before and after events…and it’s in a business district equipped for high traffic levels.
We rebuilt our homes, our neighborhoods, our city and our lives after Katrina and we just want to protect our quality of life and honor the social contract we made with our city. We ask Tulane to be a good neighbor and find another location that better suits the stadium’s size and infrastructure needs. Don’t squeeze it into the middle of an established residential neighborhood."


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