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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The crimes of Toris Young

NorthWest Carrollton Civic Association would like to thank the Times Picayune for the "Scamming the SBA" opinion in Saturday 28, 2012.

The crimes of Toris Young deserve attention. Our neighborhood has struggled with the peripheral affects of Torris Young's crimes for so long Bibleway has its own category on our neighborhood blog.

Toris Young has not only stolen money but he has stolen quality of life, caused neighborhood volunteers to have to cycle and recycle with NOPD and the city of New Orleans to try and contain the Bibleway blight. But, because the "owner" is in jail, the blight remains.

We have one request of the Times Picayune. Our Neighborhood is not Hollygrove. Our neighborhood is West Carrollton-Leonidas and more specifically we are NorthWest Carrollton.  We'd appreciate it if when articles are published on this area that the correct label be used.,_New_Orleans

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