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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FEMA Sidewalk repairs = my new driveway

How long do you think the sidewalk is going to last when it is used as a parking lot?

Sidewalk repairs = my new driveway

How many people do you think can use the sidewalk when cars are parked on it?

How soon are you going to start ticketing to raise funds for the city and stop existing infrastructure from getting trashed?

Photo is of Apple corner Joliet.

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Norbertdx said...

Isn't there a parking reg that restricts parking on the sidewalks in the neighborhoods? I have a neighbor that parks several cars on what I think is an illegal parking pad in front the house. The handicap that live in the area are force to use the street, the kids playing on the sidewalk are force to go in the street to get around them. I would like to see, Parking Enforcement to come around all areas of the city at ALL times, not just when a money making event is going on.